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Welcome to our Zoom groups! Scroll down to find the link and details.

Our online groups are free and held in Zoom. No need to sign up. Please be there on time, group size is limited to 10 – 15 students and then divided into smaller groups. If you can’t get in, please let us know!
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Please note that the groups are aimed for adults living in Finland.

Read and discuss in Finnish

Day of week:tuesday
Contact person:tarja.hailikari(a)
Additional information:Open to everyone with ~A2-level Finnish skills.

Discuss in Finnish: hot topics in Finland

Day of week:thursday
Contact person:Kaija Heikkilä,
Additional information:Open to everyone.
Discussions about current events and hot topics in Finnish.

Let's talk Finnish

Day of week:thursday
Contact person:Saara Zamiatin,
Additional information:Open to everyone with a little bit of Finnish skills. Join us on Thursdays!

Ask for a passcode: or

Finnish for beginners, daytime group

Day of week:wednesday
Contact person:Raili Voipio,
Additional information:Finnish language group for beginners.

Join Zoom meeting:

Listen and talk in Finnish

Day of week:tuesday
Contact person:Marjaana Lipsonen, marjaana.lipsonen(a)
Additional information:Hearing comprehension and discussions in easy Finnish.

Grammar group

Day of week:monday
Contact person:Zhannat Makhambetova,
Additional information:We focus on grammar in the level A2 - B1. Ask for a passcode or

Finnish for beginners: evening group

Day of week:monday
Contact person:Lea Pulkkinen,
Additional information:Do you want to learn Finnish? This is a group for a beginner. Level 0 - A1. No need to sign up.

Meeting ID
872 3890 6808

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